COVID-19 update

Unfortunately, due to the new lockdown measures being imposed from the 5th of November, we will not be operating any services from this date until further notice.

Carfax Tower will also be closed from this date. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

We would like to thank all our customers for travelling with us, and look forward to welcoming you back on board soon.

Buy your tickets online and you’ll have 12 months from the date of purchase to use them!

COVID-19: What we’re doing to keep you and our colleagues safe

We’re Good to Go!

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve achieved VisitEngland’s Good to Go accreditation, confirming that we’re following government and industry COVID-19 guidelines on cleanliness and social distancing! Discover below the measures we’ve taken to help keep you safe when you travel with us.

Reduced capacity on buses/walking tours

The capacity of our buses has temporarily been reduced to the range displayed on the vehicle. The exact capacity will vary depending on those passengers who can sit closer together from the same household, and our drivers have been asked to use their discretion. This is in order to help customers to maintain effective social distancing when travelling, and to make our services COVID-19 secure for all who need to use them. This may mean in some cases when capacity reaches its safety limits, your driver may ask you not to board, and to wait for the next bus tour. Please support our colleagues by remembering to practice social distancing – keep your distance from those who don’t live with you and use common sense.

Our walking tours are limited to 10 people per tour, and only one group at a time is permitted to climb Carfax Tower to facilitate social distancing.

Enhanced cleaning process

We have initiated an enhanced cleaning process. Daily, when a vehicle finishes service, it is considered off the road until all touch points have been cleaned and checked using special chemicals. Each time a bus returns from a round trip, it’s cleaned and disinfected using a “STORM” system. This allows us to clean and disinfect surfaces by spraying the anti-viral chemicals stored in the cleaner’s backpack. For your safety, commentary units and touch points are also disinfected between each circuit on the route.

Temporary perspex screens

Temporary perspex screens have been added to all vehicles. These are cleaned nightly with a chemical that should prevent the virus settling on the screen for up to 72 hours.

Temporary lines

We added taped lines to the floor to enforce social distancing when customers are waiting to exit the bus.

Bus travel guidelines

We put up both physical and digital signage to remind customers of social distancing etiquette and safety when enjoying the City Sightseeing open-bus tour during the pandemic. Similar signage has also been displayed at the depot.

Contactless up to £45

We implemented an increased contactless payment limit of £45 to reduce the need to interchange of cash between customers and drivers where possible.

Personal Protective Equipment

Driving colleagues have been issued with hand sanitiser and protective gloves to help them stay clean, and disinfectant wipes to clean the cab area whenever taking over a vehicle from a colleague.

You can learn more about all the measures we’ve taken in the video below.

We look forward to seeing you on board again soon!

Page last updated: 02/11/2020